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Spain will be the engine of the Euro Zone

August 1, 2016 0

Spain continues to yield positive data of its economy according to the latest report from Global Growth Outlook (WEO) of the international Monetary Fund (IMF), which acknowledges the Spanish economy to grow in Europe during […]

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Evolution of Housing Price Index in Europe

July 18, 2016 0

According to the latest data, published by the Statistical Office Community, Eurostat, the Housing Price Index in Spain has experienced an annual rise of 6.3%. This is the highest rise since the third quarter of […]

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Spanish house sales up by 23,6% in May

July 13, 2016 0

The house sales data of May 2016 continue to indicate that the Spanish property sector is in a great momentum. According to the latest data published by the National Statistics Institute, there have been 23,6% […]


Segregated accounts at Housers

July 11, 2016 0

Housers is the first platform in Spain that offers segregated accounts. At Housers, we do not want to be considered a payment institution and even less receive any deposits from our users. We aspire to be […]


Welcome to the Housers blog

July 11, 2016 0

Housers is the largest real estate community of Spain that allows individuals to participate in hundreds of real estate opportunities comfortably from their own homes. The Housers blog keeps you updated of macro environmental factors, as […]



July 2, 2016 0

The Brexit and the tense relations between Brussels and London have led to a time of widespread uncertainty in European markets. Furthermore, this threatens to cause a difficult summer in the stock markets, which is similar to […]

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