Housers, now available for the world

Housers is the largest and number one real estate crowdfunding platform in Spain, and is now available for the whole world.

It was founded in July 2015 by two entrepreneurs, Tono Brusola and Alvaro Luna. Together they set off their journey by creating an innovative business model that democratizes the real-estate market. Housers business model sets investors up for success by ensuring low risk, high yields, and using the property to lease to tenants and share rental earnings among investors.


Spain is ranked as the number six country for investing in Europe.

Spain is ranked as the number six country for investing in Europe. After 2015, the total investment in Spain grew by a whopping 23%. According to a study performed by Cushman Wakefield, in 2017: “European investment volumes  overall are expected to rise 6% as profit taking frees up opportunities.” While Europe is overcoming an economic crisis, the real-estate market is rising and it’s the perfect time to take advantage of undervalued property assets that have great growth value expectations.


New headquarters in Italy

Two months ago we opened our new headquarters in Italy. We have released our first opportuniry named Col Di Lana, in Milan, a city that hosts the highest yields in the Italian real-estate market (5,9%). The 80m2 duplex is already rented, so you can start earning monthly rental income from the minute you invest. The opportunity is still available, so don’t waste time and make your investment!


Over 47,600 users and over 24 million € invested

Together we are growing more and more every day. As of now, there are over 47,600 users in the Housers community and over 24 million Euros invested. We want to expand our community together so everyone can enjoy the high yields of the real-estate market in Southern Europe.


Housers is now available for the whole world

We have recently been working on making our platform accessible to everyone and we are finally content with the finished product. You can now invest from anywhere in the world and the best part is… NO PAPERWORK! With just one photo id for E.U. citizens and two photo ids for non E.U. citizens (ID+ Passport), you can become one step closer to owning your very own piece of Spain or Italy.


By investing in a foreign property, it gives you the chance to own a piece of Southern Europe vicariously through your investment while at the same time getting a rental income and a percentage from the eventual sale of the property.

During the last year our average annual yield was 4,04% paid monthly to our investors and 8,89% of capital gain. This numbers far exceed the yields offered by most of other financial products.


If you have tried to invest before but didn’t have an NIE, now’s your chance!

Start building your portfolio and diversifying your investments simply because now you can!

From just 50€, you can invest in Spain and Italy and make the most out of your money with Housers!


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