The imminent growth of Milan and Italy

Economic growth recovery in Italy is inminent, according to Bankitalia, the estimations for GDP growth this year have gone up to +1,4%. This number is still expected to increase during this third quarter of 2017.


International investors aiming Italy

According to CBRE (Leader real-estate consultancy), during the first quarters of 2017, international investors have gathered over 5,8 billion Euros in real-estate investment in the country; which is almost 60% more than the same period last year.

International investments represent over 80% of the total investment made in the country during the first half of the year. On the other hand, Italians are also rising up their investments due to the economic growth: Domestic real-estate investment has risen by 1 billion during the same period.


Real estate agents

In order to analyze the property market situation and the perception of the professionals in the sector, Banca d’Italia has interviewed 1300 real-estate agencies during the 2nd quarter of this year, through the whole country.

The general results obtained during these studies were:

  • More optimism in the real-estate market
  • The demand is stable and starting to rise
  • 80% of mortgage loan acceptance

Compared to the same period of last year there is a more optimistic scenario for future investments, both in short and medium terms. The market is starting to rise and the professionals of the sectors are the first to realize this upcoming imminent rise in Italy.


Rental growth and property transactions

Rental prices are already going up and are the first choice for investors from all over the world, especially in the main cities, headed by Milan. Check below the average yields currently offered by rent in these cities:

Between July 2016 and July 2017 rental prices went up significantly: +1,77 annual growth during this period in Italy; and 3,56% in Milan.

Property transactions are already skyrocketing in the city as well. During the first half of 2017 there have been 15,600 more property transactions than in the last half of 2016.

Milan is clearly the safest place to invest in the country at the moment, which is why Housers is selecting the city to be the host of our first projects in the country. Click here and read our article: “10 reasons to invest in Milan”.


Breda, a great opportunity, in a great location

Our latest opportunity is called Breda, located at Bricocca’s neighbourhood, right outside Milan. It has been for decades an excellent area due to it’s proximity to the University of Milan, one of the best academic centres in Italy; however in the last few years it’s value has been increasing even more due to the construction of headquarters of big companies such as Deutsche Bank or Pirelli.

It is a highly demanded area now, not only by students but also by families and workers of these big companies.

Breda, has only been available in our platform for a few days and it is almost 60% funded!

Here are some reasons why our investors are not wasting time with this opportunity:

  • Get in and out whenever you want: By selling/buying your shares in our Marketplace
  • InstantRent enabled: Receive our estimated rental yield from the moment you invest!**.
  • Our highest rental yield so far in a saving opportunity: 4,41%! (cumulative yield estimated at 28,61% in 60 months!)
  • Foreign investors are aiming Milan as their investment destination: 75% of the investment in the city comes from other countries.
  • The area is skyrocketing: Bricocca, besides being a known academic area it hosts many prestigious companies’ headquarters, such as Deutsche bank, Pirelli or Siemens.


Be fast, it’s time to diversify your investment in Italy and get the most out of your money with Housers! Click here to invest!

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