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We are continuing our national expansion here at Housers, and now we are headed off to Seville, the capital and largest city in the autonomous community of Andalusia! Seville has it all, and it is finally possible for you to invest in this booming Spanish city with Housers.

Get ready to learn all the details of this new and exciting opportunity.

Seville, the self-proclaimed world capital of tapas, is the fourth most populated city in all of Spain, just after Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia. It is famous for having the largest historical center in all of Spain, and one of the three largest in Europe alongside Geneva and Valencia. Furthermore, Seville is home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: The Alcazar, the Seville Cathedral, and the General Archive of the Indies.

Its timeless beauty, rich history, and countless attractions make Seville the 3rd most visited city in Spain, after Madrid and Barcelona. In 2017 alone, Seville received more than 2.6 million tourists. This was a 3.21% increase from 2016!

If you´re not convinced yet, Seville was recently chosen as the number one destination that travelers should visit in 2018. Lonely Planet’s, “Best in Travel Ranking”, reveals the best trends, destinations, trips, and travel experiences for the coming year. This is the first time that a Spanish city tops the list!

All of this coupled with a thriving real estate market, have provided Housers with the perfect opportunity to expand.


The latest data projected by the INE on housing sales in Seville positively reflects the gradual recovery that the market is making. Now is the time to invest in Seville, as demand and prices continue to rise and recover post crisis.

As you can see, during the month of April housing sales increased considerably in both Seville and Andalusia.

Seville had a 28.9% increase compared to April of 2017, and when looking at all of Andalucía, there was an increase of approximately 34%:

La Encarnación, the trendy neighborhood to buy a flat!

The Andalusian property market, more specifically, the city of Seville, provides the perfect opportunity for real estate investment.

Housers is continuing its national expansion, with this exciting new opportunity to invest in Seville. Our first project in Seville is called Project Inversion and is located in one of the most iconic spots of the city called the Corral del ColiseoCorral de comedias refers to a type of open-theater specific to 18th and 19th century Spain. During the Spanish Golden Age, corrals were popular sites for plays and other theatrical presentations. The beautiful Corral del Coliseo has been refurbished and remodeled into a stunning housing complex, while transporting residents to the past with an exciting journey into the rich history of Seville.

The property is located in a small neighborhood in Seville´s historic center called La Encarnación. La Encarnación is quickly becoming one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Seville and is also one of the touristic centers of the capital. The neighborhood is growing fast with new art galleries, boutiques, design shops, and trendy restaurants popping up, alongside the more traditional neighborhood bars and old family restaurants. According to Alianza Sevilla, in the last quarter of 2017, this neighborhood was ranked among the most expensive in the city, with average prices around 3.100 euros per square meter.

When entering this charming little neighborhood, there is one giant architectural masterpiece that you will not miss called The Metropol Parasol, known locally as “Las Setas de Sevilla” (The Mushrooms of Seville). This giant wooden structure soars above the Plaza de la Encarnación, marking the bustling center of the neighborhood. It constitutes the largest wooden structure in the world, and has breathed new life into the neighborhood. It is a must-see for anyone visiting Seville. Furthermore, The Metropol Parasol has a lively food market inside, an archaeological museum, a rooftop restaurant, and sky-high walkways where tourists and locals alike can enjoy a stunning sunset with unbeatable views over the city.

Check out why the New York Times says 2018 is the year to invest in Seville:

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