Direct Communication Channel (DCC): How it Works

What is the Direct Communication Channel?

Starting from today, our Market Place will have a new name: Direct Communication Channel (DCC). But no worries, apart from its name, nothing else has changed: the way it works stays exactly the same.

Thanks to the Direct Communication Channel* you will be able to get in touch with the project developer and the investors interested in buying and acquiring loans once the different opportunities are financed in their first stage. This feature is available for all investment modalities existing in the platform: DEVELOPMENT LOAN, FIXED INTEREST (SELL), FIXED INTEREST (RENT), BUY-TO-SELL and BUY-TO-LET.

This way, the investor who wishes to communicate their intention to sell to the developer can publish it in the system and wait for someone to be interested. In no time, the project developer secures the sale. The minimum amount is 50 euros and the maximum amount is your entire investment.

How does the Direct Communication Channel work?

We are aware that there have been many changes in the Marketplace, but these have come to stay.

From now on when making use of this channel you should take into account:

  1. The objective of the Direct Communication Channel has always been to provide liquidity to your investments over speculation. For this reason, fractions can only be bought and sold at € 1 in all modalities and including existing and completed operations.
  2. In order for the liquidity to be complete, no fee will be charged in the operations.
  3. Given the changes, for all those who have been charged the management fees during this period, these will be returned throughout the month of May so that you do not suffer any loss of your investment.
  4. Only those orders that respect the new policy of conditions of use of the DCC will remain in force. All sales orders that are not € 1 and that are valid in the DCC will be canceled, so if you want to sell your investment, you will have to put an order for sale according to these new conditions.
  5. The sales orders you establish cannot be sold partially. In other words, if you offer 1,000 loan units at a certain price, the buyer can only buy all the rights at that price. We recommend not selling large packages to facilitate your divestment.
  6. You can only have one sale order per project.
  7. The sales orders will expire in 30 days if they are not sold, this will facilitate the sale and search of potential buyers.
  8. You have the possibility to filter the orders by available volume. Thus, you can find the package that best fits your needs.
  9. The promotions associated with a specific opportunity are not inherited by the buyer in the DCC (with the exception of InstantRent in the case of savings opportunities). In the BUY-TO-LET opportunities, it is important that you take into account that the interest derived from the economic exploitation of the real estate or the InstantRent will be paid to the holder who has the investment in his account at the time of accrual (the last day of the previous month).

As a buyer in the Direct Communication Channel, it is also important that you bear in mind that in the vast majority of cases these opportunities will already be in progress and generating interest, so in most cases, you will be able to know the real returns. Likewise, in the case of BUY-TO-LET opportunities, you will be able to know how much rental income is being generated.

As always, the most important thing is that you analyze the projects well before investing, that you diversify your investments as much as possible and if you have any questions, contact



* The contact between investors in the Direct Communication Channel, as well as the possible formalization of the sale, should be done separately without any intervention of the platform and in accordance with the provisions of the general regulations that affect the transmissibility of the instrument.

Housers does not provide financial advice and nothing on this website should be construed as such. The information that appears on these pages is for general information purposes and does not constitute specific advice. The Participative Financing Projects published on the Website are not subject to authorization or supervision by the CNMV, the Bank of Spain or any other regulator, national or foreign. As well as the information provided by the promoter has not been reviewed by the National Securities Market Commission nor is it an information brochure approved by the National Securities Market Commission. The forecasts and information presented are only business plans, and as such, may be different in the course of operations.

There is a risk of total or partial loss of the invested capital, the risk of not obtaining the expected cash yield and risk of illiquidity to recover your investment. In the case of social holdings, there is also the risk of dilution, of not receiving dividends, not being able to influence the management of the company and of the restrictions on the free transferability inherent to its legal regime.

The capital invested is not guaranteed by the investment guarantee fund or by the deposit guarantee fund.

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