How to sell shares in our Marketplace in 5 easy steps!

Now you can get in and out of our saving opportunities by buying/selling your shares to other investors!


Today we would like to explain the steps you must follow in order to sell shares in our platform.

There are two important factors to be taken into account before you start:

  • The price of your shares must be less than 10% of the quarterly evaluation.
  • Offer packages of up to 2,000 units to make the sale easier


1 –  Access your private area and select “My investments.”  You will see all the opportunities you have invested in and have shares available to sell.

Once inside “my investments” you will see that there are two buttons at the saving opportunities in which you have invested : one to buy and the other one to sell.


2 – Once you select “sell” another screen will show up in which you can choose the number of shares you want to put on sale and at what price.

It is very important that you consider two important factors:

  • The least you can put up for sale are 50 shares and the maximum are the total of shares that you own.
  • Buyers can only buy the entire package of your units offered, if you put 1,000 units for sale they can only buy those 1,000 units. Therefore, we recommend offering medium packages to make the sale easier and faster.

If you want more information about each concept, just click on the information button in each one of them.



3 – Regarding the price to be established, it is important that you compare with the market value provided by our statistical tools and don’t set a price that is way above our evaluation .


4 – At the boxes below you will find the result in case your investment is sold at the price you have set and you will also be able how the buyers see the offer.



5 – Once you have chosen the price and the amount of the investment that you want to sell, simply accept the terms and conditions and click on Publish offer.


If at any time you want to modify or withdraw your offer you can do it easily from your private area.

We hope this post has helped you understand how to sell your shares in our platform!


If you want to learn how to buy shares, watch the video below:


If you have any further questions please contact us at


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