Short-stay rental properties increase yields

Buying a property in order to rent it for short-stays is becoming very popular in European touristic cities. According to the report published by the British real-estate website “Nested”, investing in a short-stay rental property in Barcelona generates four times more benefits than investing in a long-stay rental property.

The study sets an example in a property that is acquired by 431.000€ at the Spanish city. The property could be rented in a long-term contract for 1.222€/month versus 4.358€/month in short/term contracts. Therefore the investment would be recovered in 353 months (around 30 years) if the property was rented under a regular long-stay contract; facing 99 months (around 8 years) if it was rented under short-stay rental contracts. This study was made based in an average high occupancy rate in both situations: 70% for short-stay rentals and 99% for long-stay rentals.



Darío Fontseré, one of the managers of the Spanish rental company “Fincas Calvé” states: “Short-stay holiday rentals generate indeed, much higher yields, but it is also very stressful.” “It is interesting if it is done with two or three properties or in a massive way with a professionalized management;” he says.

Housers is aiming at this type of short-stay rental properties

As you may have seen in our previous opportunity “La Paloma”, Housers is aiming at this type of short-stay rental properties, to maximize the yields and get the most out of the rents until the properties are sold. The good thing is: Housers will take care of everything for you; we will put the property on the Short-stay market, manage the rent, cleaning, maintenance, check-ins, and check-outs, avoiding any inconveniences for the investors.

We will keep you posted on everything through our monthly reports in which you will be able to see the occupancy rate of each property.

We have another short-stay opportunity for you on our website: Vara del Rey, an apartment located in La Latina, right next to the most popular outdoors market in Spain: “El Rastro”.


Invest now, and start also benefiting from Spanish highly profitable short-stay rental opportunities!


Source: Nested report

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